Website Updates

Despite the persistent heat in the Bay Area right now, all the talk of Back to School is putting me in the mood to do some fall organizing. That includes a reorganization of this website, which has been my repository for musings and memories, some related to professional work and some more personal reflections.

As I become more serious about my writing career, my other creative projects: photography, graphic design, and web design have receded into the background. I’m still using those skills in service of my writing career and to support writing-related organizations for which I volunteer, but the changes to this website now reflect where my passion is at the moment: pursuing traditional publishing for my middle grade and young adult novels.

Here’s a look back at the previous incarnation of my portfolio site, which I updated a year ago:

A screenshot of the previous with the words I am a storyteller

It was originally built eight years ago by my husband and wasn’t a WordPress site. I missed the ease of a traditional content management system so I moved back to WordPress for my portfolio and blogging needs about a year ago. This is what the homepage looked like before the recent update:

A previous iteration of this website showcasing Marisa Catalina Casey's work with three highlighted sections: photography, design, and service

I’ve synthesized much of what was on the Service page to the new Projects Page and I’ve brought back my Blog. I’ve managed to export all posts from my old Partners for Peace blogging site and I’ve kept the ones that may still be relevant to my work today. In addition, I plan to look back at my old posts and write reflections on them when I can.

Reviewing hundreds of posts going back as far as 2010 has made me nostalgic. I look forward to being in conversation with those earlier versions of me as I revisit the last decade.