Back to Blogging

I started my first blog when my now husband and I got engaged. It was a free WordPress site where we shared information about our engagement and eventually the wedding, which I pulled off in just a few short months. This was in the dark ages before even Pinterest was around to help organize inspiration for our very DIY event.

We got married in 2010 and applied to the Peace Corps, at which time I started a new blog to keep a record of our journey to becoming volunteers. A now defunct website listing Peace Corps blogs had been a lifeline during the opaque application process that ended up taking almost two years for us.

It was the early days of social media – I had been on Facebook for several years and was aware of Twitter but Instagram was literally just getting off the ground. Oh, how things have changed.

Now, I’ve decided to return to blogging intermittently as a record of this new journey I’ve undertaken to become a traditionally published author.

While I’ve written everyday as a nonprofit and marketing and communications leader, I’m back to writing for myself. Considering what I hope will be my debut book (knock on wood) was a project I largely worked on during my Peace Corps service in Ecuador, it truly feels like a full circle moment.

I’ve added many (but not all) of my blog archive to this site. I hope you have as much fun getting to know the me of yesteryear as much as I have.