Spitzer for School Committee

I’ve been a political junkie since junior high school. I’ll never forget meeting President Clinton when I was 12 years old as one of the winners of a letter-writing contest sponsored by The 21st Century (now Teen Ink magazine). I caught the political bug early and have continued to volunteer in various capacities on political campaigns since college.

In high school, I attended the John Kerry and William Weld senatorial debate to write about it for Teen Ink magazine. That was my first taste of covering politics and I was hooked. In high school, I was elected to be the Student Representative on my city’s School Committee, where I learned all about dockets and budgets. I felt very important when a big binder was hand-delivered to my doorstep in advance of meetings. A binder 16 year-old me could barely skim in time for meetings.

So, when I was asked to be the Campaign Manager for a local School Committee race, I jumped at the chance to use my design and communications skills to support an excellent candidate: Kerry Spitzer.

Kerry won the March election as the top vote getter across all of the races. She now sits on the Amherst Regional School Committee.

Here’s a selection of materials I made to support her successful campaign!