Free Find: World of Wall Street

On a recent trip to our local recycling center Paul found the vintage game, World of Wall Street. Our recycling center has an area with free items for the taking that people drop off. It’s a great resource but I wish it was mission-based like the Free Store in Braddock, PA (check it out here).

Paul spoke with the woman dropping off her old board games. She said that she was cleaning out her attic and had a bunch of games that she had barely played before. This one had never been played – the cards and money were new in the package. Aside from a slight mildew smell and a bit of spotting on the board, the game is in perfect condition.

World of Wall Street was made in 1969 by NBC (yes, like the TV Network) and is a primer for understanding buying and selling stocks. We’ve played a few times and much of the game is luck-based but it does reinforce the concept of buying low and selling high.

My favorite part of the game, though, is the incredible graphic design. These days, designers work hard to achieve this mid-century aesthetic. This game is an actual example of what mainstream designers were doing in 1969 – complete with a slide rule!

See for yourself how simple and beautiful the game pieces are.