Top Twenty of 2013

Here’s a rundown on some of our favorite images from 2013. Just like for 2012, we decided to do the Top Twenty because we couldn’t decide on a Top Ten.

Enjoy & Happy New Year!


Best Abstract

Image of a sea of clouds from outside of an airplane window
Piles of brightly-colored cloth in Otovalo, Ecuador


Best Vacation Postcard

A picturesque scene of blue boats on the beach of Playas, Ecuador
An aerial view of the Galapagos islands showing a beach and rocky outcropping


Best Max

A gray and white miniature schnauzer sitting on a beach with tongue out
A dog watches people play frisbee on a beach


Best Silly Moment

Five women wearing paper necklaces made by Mujeres: Cambia in Ecuador
A man sticks out his tongue at a crab as he lifts it in the air


Best Mari & Paul Moment

A man and a woman hug on a street in Ecuador
A man kisses a woman in front of a birthday cake


Best Frame

Two people seen through a window stand at the bow of a boat
A man stands under an arch at the Guayasamin Museum in Quito


Best Animal

A bright red crab on top of black volcanic rock
A sea lion snoozes among rocks


Best Aerial Photo

An aerial view of a workshop table where a group of artists teach how to make paper beads
An aerial view of Palmar, Ecuador with colorful roofs visible


Best Bird

A black and white bird with red circle around its eye
A bird flies above a gray ocean


Best Interacting with Nature

A man stands at the base of a small waterfall in a lush green Ecuadorian forest
A woman  wearing a red shirt is splashed by a big wave in the Galapagos