The Index

# of days we have left in Ecuador45
# of weeks pregnant Mari is20
# of trips back to the coast Paul has made3
# of additional trips to the coast he will make1
# of trips back to the coast Mari has made0
# of trips we have taken to Cuenca3
# of Omnibus 107 volunteers who have left8
# of months early we are Closing Service3
# of total months we will be in Ecuador24
# of hours of travel to return to Virginia10
# of dogs we are currently taking care of2
# of dogs who will travel to the US with us1
# of guests coming to our Thanksgiving11
# of haircuts Paul has gotten in Quito1
# of haircuts Mari has gotten in Quito0
# of haircuts Paul has given Mari1
Cost of Mari’s commute to work in a taxi$3.00
Cost of the same commute by bus25¢
Length in minutes of Mari’s commute by taxi20
Length in minutes of the same commute by bus60
Length in minutes spent walking to/from that bus30
Cost of a lunch special at a local restaurant$2.50
Cost of a single movie ticket to a 2D movie$5.25
Date the Close of Service Conference starts1/6/14
Date we fly out of Ecuador1/7/14